We are working towards a new fairer marketplace model as well, so any feedback is welcome

Hey they just censored a couple words

Not a big deal

I agree Discord is great but we’re focused on other stuff, we’re not discarding migrating platforms but we’d like more community feedback on the matter. Perhaps we’ll do a reddit ask for feedback

It was only about the word “ass”

We’ve reported it

And they’ll fix

No need to make a big deal

There are so many things that need our attention than a wonky bot

As mentioned: we already reported it

Are golem going to be charging monthly subscriptions to enterprises to use the software?

No, we are not, maybe later the plan changes but we have raised enough money to build golem

I wonder how golem token is used for this?

GNT is not used in Golem Unlimited, it doesnt have an economy layer. When they participate of the network, that’s when they use GNT

Anybody know what this means?

Hi! It’s an exchange announcement. No idea about this exchange

I did not censor you. I dont take PMs

There is nothing i cannot answer publicly

There is a bot

I dont delete messages

I dont know

Look. I dont allow pms unless i start them. We have the same on rocket

Happy to answer questions here, not in pm, we keep all transparent

You haven’t asked anything

Merkle Trader
Awesome. Where could one find an aggregate list of said changes?
Hi, there is no list of changes. The latest info is always in our blog https://blog.golem.network and see the Mid Term Goals post for the most updated “roadmap”

No worries @Aztek_btc the same user left a beautiful stream of insults in the official chat - he didnt mean well.

@taylorguitar just checking twitter now :)

you can see my tweets with screenshots below

Hi @Crypt0Singh they are not for sale, you can only get them at the events we're at

Well, I am trying to address all his concerns but unfortunately he keeps arguing for the sake of it so I don't know how to help him