But Golem is for lenting Super computers though.

PC cafes in Korea do not need a super computer.

I think it would be awesome if Golem expands its borrowing range from Super coms to just normal coms.

but How can I sell my computing power?

can you explain to me a bit?

you just convinced me to buy more Golems

huge potential then.

This is like sention like Uber and Air BnB sort of sensation.

Yeah it is relatively cheap compare to how much it is gonna be in the future.

Damn. thank you for letting me know bro.

Yeah A lot of movie industries will need computer lending system.

are u a staff or something?

for sure man. Are u Korean?

Is there any way that I can invest in your company directly though?

Yes! I already have 10,000 Golems

But I am also very interested in what your team is doing.

I mean to me, it is such a sensational project.

It has been doubled though.

I am Korean. and I hate Korean Gov.

They have no idea what they are doing right now.

The government will proceed with the virtual currency realignment system announced in the Special Measures on December 12, 2006 without any hitches, and deal with illegal transactions related to the manipulation of the price, money laundering and tax evasion through the joint investigation by the prosecutors, police and financial authorities. Planning.  □ Recently, the Minister of Justice said that the measures to shut down the exchanges are one of the anti-speculative measures proposed by the Ministry of Justice on the Special Measures on December 12, 2008, and will be decided through consultation and coordination.  □ We will respond strongly to excessive virtual currency speculation and illegal activities, but we will support and nurture R & D investment for the block chain as an underlying technology.  □ Because virtual currency is not legal currency and nobody guarantees value, it can cause big loss due to illegal act, speculative demand, change of domestic and foreign regulatory environment, etc. Therefore, virtual currency mining, investment, I would like to ask you again that you need to judge carefully a series of actions such as  □ As for the virtual currency, the Office of the State Coordination Department has discussed and responded to it through the Loan Depositorial Meeting. In the future, the Office of the State Planning and Coordination Office will focus on coordinating the position of the ministry with respect to the virtual currency. SOURCE : OFFICIAL KOREAN GOVERNEME

i never got the things

there was no announcement though