Lets go golem

It will rise so hard again because of the BRASS

Good time to buy. :)

I wonder whats happening to stellar lumens, why its going up, i cant see any development

Will it be a pump and dump coin?

Pump and dump coin? Very risky to invest

Did you see that dump on str?..haha..clear pump and dump

Stellar is pump and dump

Ripple and nem rise due to high trade market volume atm

I just want to know..is there any confirmed date on brass launch?

Why in the bitcointalk thread..it is said may 11 is thelaunch?

im a day trader thats why im not holdding too muhc

i cant forget

im a day trader.haha

I just started this week..but previous month im doing simulations

i'm earning 0.06 btc average a day

at least i mean

Just observing threads groups, and observing chart

short term only

0.5 btc only

all in every trade

not that hardwork really

because im playing dota or watching movie

just waiting my orders to be filled always

we can play with each other