Isn't it more about reaching potential business partners and the press? Fan meetups are great but this doesn't make a stronger company

Dat inverted hammer look strong AF 😬

But its partnered with siemens whos like a futuristic firm, so NX might have some strong pros

I know πŸ˜‚ i know just a few, just one candle trend reversals which are strong, theres also a couple candle combined which forms different sorts of trends to give a more detailed short term trading

80 is still quite high no? And i have never even bothered to look into tron or EOS for that matter

Keep building the bot to make it smarter n stronger, maybe even more than Golem ;)

Great, I always had a strong feeling that Golem will skyrocket. I dropped $500 on it a couple of days back.

You pay for rubbish, you get rubbish

Tron, eos, all the same... i can see why people like it but the underlying thought does not make sense

By the way, GNT looks insanely strong. The orderbook is ridiculous

James at TheWatercooler
And why there is no official telegram group? I mean golem is a top 100 coin and mostly of these coins have big telegram grojps.with communitied where staff put news and can inform the community

Dont forget that a lot of users in those groups are bots. Take Tron for an example. More than 70% would I consider to be bots. One could spend a few BTC/ETH and pump this group to 100k+ but that does not mean the discussion or communication will be better. The contrary in fact.

i think if you have a strong marketing team and activ community . you can explode! go go go golem! 🍻

GNT is severly undervalued for the work everyone delivers, remember that. If Tron and EOS can be in the top 10... Market cap doesn't always represent true value...