in 4 years , technology will change totally .. Who will wait for Golem ?!

I was attending his talk today on blockchain technology...

Com on's Golem token...n its on Ethereum platform... N Ethereum is blockchain technology...

Its open-source technology...r u forgotten​... our tokens r on Ethereum block....👍

You're jerking yourself off about the technology, but unless there is a business model behind it, what will your tokens be worth?

You sound like a lowly punter that has no clue about investing or technology. You just follow whatever the schmoes on Twitter and the exchange trollboxes say.

Also as gaming grows pcs will be required as technology grows stronger pcs will be required

I have a feeling that it might be because people who are entering the space have no f'ing clue about the technology or whether a project actually has merit or not

I know the price is low but I believe in technology and here it is.

Simply. Good project. A lot of technology. Its own market for its crypto. January Brass. And good perspective for cloud computing

This project has technology, it's own market and application. I hodl.

Hey guys I have a question; I understand the technology but not what the actual tokens mean. Say I buy them on an I buying a token like I would receive but lending my computer power? If so, am I not buying a token that will become more common as the system progresses? Correct me if I'm totally off!

The government will proceed with the virtual currency realignment system announced in the Special Measures on December 12, 2006 without any hitches, and deal with illegal transactions related to the manipulation of the price, money laundering and tax evasion through the joint investigation by the prosecutors, police and financial authorities. Planning.  □ Recently, the Minister of Justice said that the measures to shut down the exchanges are one of the anti-speculative measures proposed by the Ministry of Justice on the Special Measures on December 12, 2008, and will be decided through consultation and coordination.  □ We will respond strongly to excessive virtual currency speculation and illegal activities, but we will support and nurture R & D investment for the block chain as an underlying technology.  □ Because virtual currency is not legal currency and nobody guarantees value, it can cause big loss due to illegal act, speculative demand, change of domestic and foreign regulatory environment, etc. Therefore, virtual currency mining, investment, I would like to ask you again that you need to judge carefully a series of actions such as  □ As for the virtual currency, the Office of the State Coordination Department has discussed and responded to it through the Loan Depositorial Meeting. In the future, the Office of the State Planning and Coordination Office will focus on coordinating the position of the ministry with respect to the virtual currency. SOURCE : OFFICIAL KOREAN GOVERNEME

3 dollars golem.... but why? only speculation or is there gonna be some actual improvement in technology?

Judging by your tg handle: our notion of Marketing is not your notion of Marketing. We are not here to shill, we are here to push mass adoption of blockchain technology via our dApp and other contributions to the space. So once again: avoid snarkiness when you haven’t even visited our website

I would like to know ... how many companies or individuals would actually need the resources Golem will provide? Is there a Massive need for this technology?

Hi! Can somebody explain me why computing power sharing needs to be decetralized?

It doesn’t. But decentralizing adds resilience, a more evolved technology (on golem’s side at least), a fair and p2p, transparent computing power market, and allows people like you and me to earn income for leasing our idle computing power. AWS/Azure instances can be great but the money goes to Amazon or Microsoft. The money here goes to users.

However, this particular AMA is only for technology developments, for business development, we will have our normal AMA at the end of august

As they stated they would 'research state channel technology'. This implicates payment channels thus as well. Very generalized though

to be honest i think the problem is more that we're dealing with such new technology that there's no definitions for it yet so we're just trying our best to come up with what best suits as we go. it definitely adds to confusion!

Hello, i am super interested in blockchain and shared economy. i am experienced with ethereum and a little bit with blender. i am running linux and willing to host a render node. is there a demand for additional render nodes currently ?? i am not that much behind the money than behind the idea and the technology.