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"So lets say 5K satoshi is a realistic price prediction. This entails the marketcap would be about 4,100BTC, this translates to a little over $43 Million. This would put Golem at number 11 on the coinmarketcap list and would put it at about half the total market cap of MaidSafeCoin. I would say this is a realistic prediction in the medium term. So lets look at the 50K prediction: 820,000,000 Golem x 50K Satoshi = 410,000BTC = $430.5 Million This would put it at number three on the coinmarketcap list, third only to Ripple and Bitcoin. Do not honestly see that happening. Now if we are talking pure pie in the sky speculation; it could outpace Bitcoin since it isn't actually intended to be a currency but a purchasing token primarily for CGI rendering, but that is a billion to one chance."

this conversation is escalating like ripple

this is completely not ripple related but

What happen to ripple, nem, stellar? Price sky rocket

Ripple and nem rise due to high trade market volume atm

All coin are down. They turn over to ripple

you play with fire, (ripple) you get burned

I was expecting it to double maybe tripple at most after brass

Cos if a coin like ripple could iver take eth when they have trillions in supply, does the supply of a coin matter when it comes to hype?

I must say, this chat is very mature in comparison to the ripple chat. I swear some ppl need to grow up in there

Ripple can be 15000 today?

not touching that lumen ripple shit anymore

Anyone who refutes the above please come forward.. I am just trying to make sure the community is given fair exposure l, don't want to be a part of another Ripple community where people just shill

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I totally agree, Ripple token don't have any real utility. 2018 is the year of golem . Golem is the key to access to the best world decentralized super computer.

Golem is real invest. XRP ant XRB dont have any utility. Ripple sells its protocol to companies without XRP. And XRB is only a pump dump coin from small exchange

Think about ripple token XRP. what is the xrp utility. No one. In fact xrp don't have real value. It has value because people think banks are going to use XRP. But banks are not buying xrp. Banks pay ripple for use ripple network. But people don't understand that xrp is not necessary to use ripple network. Xrp is only going to have value if shops accept xrp payment method . But I don't think that ripple company is going to fight to become xrp in an alternative to dollar. However bitcoin yes, bitcoin started with that goal and stays in it. That is the reason of bitcoin value.

Now I can quadripple my GNT

We dont comment on prices

Thank you! This isn’t a tron or ripple site. Go be little moon boys or girls over there.

I find it hard to think there are any groups larger than ripple, it was an early group

I truly dislike ripple due to trying to hide centralization behind decentralization