Hi, when will I be able to share my CPU power over windows 7? thank you

By allowing the client to use your computational power to compute tasks for users who pay for them

Ned Fet
RIP my early retirement dream

you can retire early if you rent out your computing power... which is what the golem project is about

There is a software for renting computing power for CGI rendering on blender that has a walley

When can i start getting paid to share my computer power ?

guys, all hello. ask a few stupid questions. I apologize in advance. 1. Can I lease my computational power if they are developed on a non-Nehmannian architecture. Is this crucial? 2. My device is good for artificial intelligence. Can I rent it to you for the development of artificial intelligence?

Holochain is quite a different platform really where apps can be built on, like a framework. Elastos is like a "web 2.0". Golem is a marketplace for spare computational power that allows users to buy and sell computational power. Therefore, all three are very different from each other.

Under air bnb I understand, I can basically buy ur cpu or gpu power for things I want to render. Actuall this should be more realtime. I book cpu I have extra virtual cores on my pc for faster calculations, for anything I want, since Im basically renting ur Idle power

Hey, so can you also let people use your computing power while your computer/lapotop is on sleeping mode and do you need to download something for it to operate?

but this amount will probably be really small as the computing power of a laptop is way less than a actuall PC right?

Computational power is only exchanged by request, not by providing it. Someone has to submit a task that you will compute 😉

that offer computation power?

Could Golem use what Ethereum have announced regarding ProgPOW?

john Maguire
is this the official golem chat?
Semi-official chat moderated by the community and Golem Team.Official: Golem creates the first global market for idle computer power

The computational power from Golem is basically free right now. Literally a single or a few GNT per task. Is like 7 cents