However I know just as much as you guys so dont pin me on that 😉

Yes we could survive and continue. We have enough funds in FIAT. Ps. we fundraised in ETH not BTC so we’d care more about the first one.

There is no specified date

Hi Admin, I am trying to contact you to submit my resume. I am not sure whether my email got through to you. The other channels do not work for me. How can we communicate?

For music and video content

Started running the brass software and the rewards dont add up.

When i was running .14 in july, i made 15 gnt entire month. Was shocked to clear 100 gnt in 3 days

Dont say it does when you cant back it up with a source please.

Erik Hoyer
Whats missing so we can attract more users ?

And general recognition. 99.999% dont know Golem exists. Spread the word and getting people hooked up is also part of the process, marketing too.

James at TheWatercooler
And why there is no official telegram group? I mean golem is a top 100 coin and mostly of these coins have big telegram grojps.with communitied where staff put news and can inform the community

Dont forget that a lot of users in those groups are bots. Take Tron for an example. More than 70% would I consider to be bots. One could spend a few BTC/ETH and pump this group to 100k+ but that does not mean the discussion or communication will be better. The contrary in fact.

And we have no influence on our coin, therefore we dont need a coin group. we need a chatroom to help users

i dont think so..we will see

i cant predict anything, i have done my contribution

Hi guys i am trying to get a contact email through the website but the button there wont load the address. Can someone give a contact email?

And if you dont know what that means, google Brock Pierce Scandal 😂

There is so much potential in ethereum yet to unlock. Probably the biggest amount of knowledge of any crypto ecosystem. Golem is currently in the right place in my opinion and I dont see it changing anytime soon 👍

Use cases - Golem

Hi! I wanted to ask about project funding, do you have enough funds to continue development, if so, how many years left?

That was shared by the team or is public information checked on ether scan or something?Also, where did they get the fiat if not from eth of the ico?

Concerning fiat, this was quoting @mariapaulafn :"Yes we could survive and continue. We have enough funds in FIAT. Ps. we fundraised in ETH not BTC so we’d care more about the first one."

A few days ago I was trying to better understand etherscan analysis, maybe you can help me!On golem website they have this contract address: funds were raised here, right?

Let's say I want to find the same information for another project. If no one ever did some analysis and identify it as that project wallet, I can't simply find it with the contract address. Correct?

If you have any more question then I suggest heading over to the chat. Might be relatively quiet there now that there are usually holidays but you should get your answer nontheless 👍

@Pazzoncello can vary, from right away to days, we really dont have an estimate

Luca Longe
but this amount will probably be really small as the computing power of a laptop is way less than a actuall PC right?

No. As of now you just have to get some tasks. There are only some available and they dont take too long. I know people who earn more with macbooks than with 8 core machines. Performance is not a bottleneck as of yet as the amount of providers is high and requestors is low

Luca Longe
Oh lol do you actually have to do something ? haha. I thought it was like passive income where the one computer automatically send computer power to the other when you dont use it.

No you dont have to do anything. I am just implicating that there are not enough tasks right now to keep computing. So you have to get kinda lucky to get a task.

Semi bullish progress of last month dunzo in 2 days

Thats tough. I dont think there is any form of recovery possible.

We’d appreciate informed predictions over this. If you dont know we’ve been live, we wont advice anyone to take your words seriously

On the bright GNT does look ready for a move imo, since it has been accumulating for 2 months +

And ultimately it retraced like half that move instead of continuing the move upwards. And ofc TA isnt 100 percent right but it does give you a plan when to exit if it doesn't "" triple reverse moon ""

Im not sure tbh of you check binance there is a clear and substantial increase in volume for the past month. Meanwhile you alts popping left right and center.

Sanjay Solanki
Any new updates? Any news? Hodling for long time

i'm only a community contributer! you should check out if you're interested in updates about development

You can try it out yourself

Can nontechnical people use the mainnet for building dApps on Golem in some way? If yes, how? Could you point towards some resources to do so?

Dont use coinmarketcap alot of coins dont Got updated thier

Im buying now and crying now i dont know which one I prefer

Avdyli 🤷‍♂️
Also buy xem

Never. XEM is out of funding and will not see the end of the month.

please do not torture yourself with illusions. we all know where these Coin will be in a couple of months (in the ass)

Well it makes sense as golem has a lot of funds. Even if we continue in this bear market for like 4-7 years, I think development funding should not be an issue