FYI I made a decent amount of money listening to some of his tips....

How much GNT is everyone holding?

Better not ask something like that. It is very personal and could make you a target. I am not asking how much money is in your bank account either

It is the stupidity of these people that make us money. Quite sad now that I think of it 😖

Next 90 days you ll easily make more money than u invested

Can I earn money from my gnt tokens? I mean, if I voting in some PoS-i earn for it Maybe some about lease like in storje

Damn this is a dumb peoples group, they dont talk about fun stuff and ideas 😑 just price price price and earn and money n shizz

I know and ive stopped caring about short terms now, since ive seen what a solid project in crypto can do n how its being regulated and institutional money, golems gonna attract a lot, and this is the kind of project which can be used in my country a lottt, lotsa IT, 3d talent but no hardware support

Yup, lets wait and see. Hoping for an alt slaughter WHEN I get my paycheck, not sooner!

Haha me too. In US im dependent on coinbase and its kicking balls. I had to wait 2 weeks to deposit money.

Hi! Can somebody explain me why computing power sharing needs to be decetralized?

It doesn’t. But decentralizing adds resilience, a more evolved technology (on golem’s side at least), a fair and p2p, transparent computing power market, and allows people like you and me to earn income for leasing our idle computing power. AWS/Azure instances can be great but the money goes to Amazon or Microsoft. The money here goes to users.

Anything that removes a central point of authority, trust (as we’ve proven we cant trust institutions) and a single provider should be better- E.g DEXs and storing your own money in a cold wallet are better than trusting a bank

Henrike Boeije
Ohhh I sometimes fuss because I lose money is it not good? I think it's just normal.

Thats the thing. People stare themselves blind on money and dont focus on the greater good.


Mate. On any business I’m in, including investment, I’m always worried, but if I made the decision to put money on this, is because i believe it. Well I’m arround for way longer than few months as investor, I already lost, recovered, earned, and invested fully again right before this drop.

@MONEY_ME_MONEY it doesn't make sense due to the computing power needed - hardware requirements are there for a reason

Are golem going to be charging monthly subscriptions to enterprises to use the software?

No, we are not, maybe later the plan changes but we have raised enough money to build golem

Mattias Nystrom
agreed! love spankchain ❤️

The tech from spank is hugely underrated and they got offered a lot of money for their sdk, however I think the niche market is not helping them in the slightest

As long as you dont sell, you wont take any losses

And keep this in mind, the money is already lost anyway since the moment you bought 😉

That is all payments from tasks you have computed in the past, no worries. Free money 😉

Hello, i am super interested in blockchain and shared economy. i am experienced with ethereum and a little bit with blender. i am running linux and willing to host a render node. is there a demand for additional render nodes currently ?? i am not that much behind the money than behind the idea and the technology.

No-one who ISN'T in it for the money wants a highly volatile coin