@johnwoop its a utility token, the only form of payment within the Golem Marketplace, and will be used to incentivize devs building on top of Golem's API in the future

do we have an update or any development?

Kaleem Khan
Yeah i know i was being a bit harsh, it is kinda flawless and smooth, dont know now statistics but it ran smooth and ive run a gazillion softwares since i was around 10ish years old even younger maybe 😂

If you consider what Golem is actually doing and for how long the devs have been working on it (mind you, blockchain etc. is still 'relatively' new), then it is so good to see it working. There are Always flaws in software programs like these but hey, the team is active, there is a constant stream of updates, the knowledge from the engineers at Golem HQ is there, the attention is there

where the devs are at

However, this particular AMA is only for technology developments, for business development, we will have our normal AMA at the end of august

P2p decentralized, general purpose marketplace for computing power, including development of core components for verified computations in untrusted settings are both flagship products under the big Golem umbrella :)

We are proud of the traction of the project, the media presence as one of the pioneers in the ethereum ecosystem, the recognition of the audience as being excellent software developers always discovering new technologies... what else do you need?

If people would like to hear about us, we work every day very hard on developing core technologies, new advancements, and communicate every step of the way on social media, blogposts and we have several media that report on our technological breakthroughs and this new shared economy the decentralized space is working so hard on building.

Henrike Boeije
Thank you very much that was informative of you. I just hope that this project would not fail me like the others. I'm tired of losing here.

I believe that due to the highly speculative nature of the market, the project's success should be defined in adoption, quality of development and milestones completed, not in coin price :) you are welcome

Gnt needs better marketing and exposure. Make a major deal, make a major development, bring some extraordinary value to the company!!

For business development matters we prefer to stay private till we are out of beta

At least some people are putting some efforts for development on this site :)

its really useful if developer could find some cheap compute capacity around the world,yes ita very exceiting, but we wish as soon as possible.thats all

Dont think the bottom is near, but this should be a nice cleansing since all ICO's (shitcoins too) are cashing their ETH and BTC for development which will run out. I think only the good tokens/currencies with use cases will remain at the end of the year as I've sajd many times before and those will flourish 💪😉

But we dev updated last week

Devs and admins should seriously consider putting time into Discord rather than Telegram

Why gnt pumping ?

Why not? Actual use-case, good devs (and a new addition, check Reddit), great tech and endless possibilities in its' branch

Erik Hoyer
When do you guys think golem will actually be used by the masses ?

My bet is when Golems API is released, or Golem Clay, which comes gradually from upgrades to Brass. Developers can then start to build applications on Golem itself, therefore allowing endless computational possibilities

guys, all hello. ask a few stupid questions. I apologize in advance. 1. Can I lease my computational power if they are developed on a non-Nehmannian architecture. Is this crucial? 2. My device is good for artificial intelligence. Can I rent it to you for the development of artificial intelligence?

Ok great thanks, yes of course it is, but mark my words, this should develop fast, as in CPU Looking forward. You know me, I need that personal quantum PC yesterday... 😄 Have a great Christmas all and a good start into 2019. Its gonna be good. Much love.

Dev any eta for clay golem? Q1 2019?

Use cases - Golem

Hi! I wanted to ask about project funding, do you have enough funds to continue development, if so, how many years left?

Sanjay Solanki
Any new updates? Any news? Hodling for long time

i'm only a community contributer! you should check out if you're interested in updates about development

Well it makes sense as golem has a lot of funds. Even if we continue in this bear market for like 4-7 years, I think development funding should not be an issue