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I was early investor in dash... now in golem.. hope will be lucky same ;)

I have waitted dash for over 3 years ;)

Golem is new dash maybe even sooner ;)

I ll hold... like i hold dash ;)

Golem + dash = crypto winners !!!

It a hardfork of dash right

Dash evolution will be a fb ... btc is myspace

Example Zec Ether Dash Then change it to btc...then buy golem

60% btc 20%zec 5%eth 5dash 5%gnt 5%dgb

Eth. Stratis. Nem. Bytecoin. Monero. Btc dash.

Thank God I went with dash 3 days instead

Next year? Is that what they said?

They dont want to overpromise... thts why i am holding. Have a same feeling with DASH at the begining... just hold and relax. U recognise edge tech of the future... it is far of its peak. Good luck to all and long live golem ;)

Why not dash or xmr or any other coin vs gnt for coinbase

Like Monero vs Zcash vs Dash?

talk to datadash!..he has great channel

Why does the Golem app show 9 or 10 nodes, whilst the website dashboard shows ~300?