Cause theres always monkey stuff happening in crypto 🐒

However I dont think crypto is that 'vanilla'

Kaleem Khan
Iz like a fluff of air which can poof anytime

I think 10% of crypto is too big and too influential to fail, but I 'hope' that the other 90% will dissappear soon

Makin’ me go loco, then cryptozombies, revising that daily and proceeding, looking into raspberry pie, and following the market and thinking of how i can implement blockchain in my country which would benefit the people but then again we need the world to adopt before the poor less educated can

i live somewhere with stable currency. which is why no one will use crypto here

I know and ive stopped caring about short terms now, since ive seen what a solid project in crypto can do n how its being regulated and institutional money, golems gonna attract a lot, and this is the kind of project which can be used in my country a lottt, lotsa IT, 3d talent but no hardware support

Lol anyone but crypto crazy

Crypto Crazy
Very good stuff to look forward to!! GOLEM / GNT

Make sure we see at least one question from crypto crazy too 😉

I don’t think you are understanding @cavemaann that being a woman, latina, in crypto, and having paved my way into working for a great project, i’m still one a part of one of the most misrepresented and mistreated minorities in tech. So I am definitely not rude neither a pawn you can ignore. As should nobody be, if we are speaking of respectful people. If i decide to end a discussion FROM MY SIDE (i never said you were not allowed to talk to yourself or others) is because clearly you are not understanding a thing or two so i cannot discuss. 1st you make sexist remarks repeatedly, then you are rude, then you accuse me of racism, and then you call me a pawn. I think you got bigger problems than authority or not knowing how to see a fuller picture. Next time i read any offense to my person or to anyone or a monkey emoji in this context, you are out. Not because I can’t take criticism, but because you are creating friction and conflict and you don’t understand what it means to be respectful.

It could have been worse. We could all have bought Turkish liras instead of crypto currencies.

Just feel likr crypto is screwed

However, I think long term many cryptos are screwed. The pick is which ones will remain

If your crypto knowledge is as good as your command of English language then I'd suggest that you better invest in some traditional manner.

Hey there, there’s some great stuff coming up, World Crypto Con is expecting over 5K people, Would be great to get Golem involved. Hey admin, whom should I speak to about this?

There's one on the main cryptocurrency Reddit

​​CZ, Vitalik Buterin and prominent investors talk about the possibility of crypto market achieving $200 trillion in the long-term
Does gnt have any rumors/news regarding future projects or partnerships ?

No, and yes. The team regularly updates on medium and reddit. There are of course rumours all around but take these with a major grain of salt. That's just how it goes in crypto-land. 99% of the time it will turn out in disappointment. You can check the stickied post for the most important roadmap tasks that the team currently has! 👍

We need confirmation that BTC have broke the triangle and this is not a bull trap. Then BTC will be bullish and all crypto too. Some good news from golem team and we will moon

Hi, @CryptoALot no, the mining feature is a PoC meaning “proof of concept” is not in production yet

Oh I do understand that but with Golem running for 2 years and the new Brass version I have come across the other day, I would have at least expected more than a few people to be able to offer at least some insight, especially where rig configuration moving from crypto mining is concerned. It's a big thing now and surely there's more on this?

I'm not talking about Golem Unlimited. I'm talking about what I just said, moving mining rigs over to Golem in the current bad crypto mining climate.

You'll attract the beta testers from the older gamer generation and also the hobbyists and the people moving over from crypto mining.

COnsidering the current climate of crypto mining. Prime time to set up a more upbeat place for a community

People moving over from crypto mining to grid or cloud/fog computing etc.

Both are huge platforms in crypto, telegram might even be bigger due to accesibility

Since all the crypto channels again flooding with idiots after some time, I guess price will spike soon.

cryptomedication / proofofresearch

There is so much potential in ethereum yet to unlock. Probably the biggest amount of knowledge of any crypto ecosystem. Golem is currently in the right place in my opinion and I dont see it changing anytime soon 👍

How can I help

I run and own a crypto blog site and am launching my youtube channel soon. I am scheduling interviews with ceo's and team members from interesting projects. It will be a straight forward interview. We just want the world to know about your project and what you have to offer. This is a free service to you because I am only just starting my youtube channel. This will help us both. If you can, please ask if the team is interested in free advertising from this interview.

2019 Crypto will be the year of Victory. The fall will end. Everybody get comfortable☺️

you must be new to crypto... welcome and enjoy the ride!

Hi, I'm a research analyst for a cryptocurrency market making firm and we're interested in partnering with Golem, is there anyone here I can speak with please?

Golem is revolutionary and has a fantastic use case that has a lot of promise. I've been in crypto for over 5 years. Grab as much Golem as you can now at ~.05 cents. It might be a while till its .25 or 1.00 or more. Just be patient.