Funny you say that, since Dan was the first to call out the other blockchains to be centralized a while a go

K Mc
Why eth?

Because is the best crypto platform. Golem is a serious project and need a professional smart contract platform. Others are Fomo Blockchains

There are really interesting insights and conversations happening and honestly, in my honest opinion, Telegram does not offer any value to the Blockchain ecosystem. If you guys are really keen to learn, we are keen to explain, and answer all questions :)

What part of the project utilizes blockchain? Is it used for issuing payments when someone completes a computation job on network? If so, why use Golem as payment rather than Bitcoin (or Ethereum)?

Judging by your tg handle: our notion of Marketing is not your notion of Marketing. We are not here to shill, we are here to push mass adoption of blockchain technology via our dApp and other contributions to the space. So once again: avoid snarkiness when you haven’t even visited our website

Lynn (Jiao)
When will its own mainnet release?

You mean blockchain. As far as golem is concerned, never. The current transfer fee- reduction batch system works well and it is more than enough for golems needs

Lynn (Jiao)
When will its own mainnet release?

Golem does not have any plans to become a blockchain of its own.

I am yet to fully indulge in blockchain tech, i have been reading, getting an idea of its implementation, but i know what its capable of 😬 thus, the power of Golem is to reign

Makin’ me go loco, then cryptozombies, revising that daily and proceeding, looking into raspberry pie, and following the market and thinking of how i can implement blockchain in my country which would benefit the people but then again we need the world to adopt before the poor less educated can

Kaleem Khan
Yeah i know i was being a bit harsh, it is kinda flawless and smooth, dont know now statistics but it ran smooth and ive run a gazillion softwares since i was around 10ish years old even younger maybe 😂

If you consider what Golem is actually doing and for how long the devs have been working on it (mind you, blockchain etc. is still 'relatively' new), then it is so good to see it working. There are Always flaws in software programs like these but hey, the team is active, there is a constant stream of updates, the knowledge from the engineers at Golem HQ is there, the attention is there

Hi all of you reading this chat, I quote: "Hi everyone! We have been working, regrouping and setting things in motion towards the future of Golem. After our big mainnet launch, it is now time to explain you which are the milestones we are and will be working on for the next 12 months, the challenges and the most interesting elements of our project. Livepeer, the blockchain livestream, will be shooting live from our beloved Warsaw office while we present the kanban. But before that... We're gathering your questions here, and we have a quite unique proposal: at Golem, community comes first. So we asked three of our most active and loyal members/u/PSVjasper99, /u/ethereumcpw and /u/bose25to act as moderators of the Q&A. Post your questions here (prefer Reddit) for them! And there is even more! Hop on the chat DURING the livestream to ask specific questions. We will have the #RoadmapQuestions channel up and running that day (again, it wont be running until the day) This should be fun! So make sure not to miss your chance to join! "

i get that some people get stuck on the eos vs eth thing. but i dont really care about who "wins". i would just like to see great blockchain projects.

But that’s not the point I was trying to get at. It’s different then everything out there. It dose have issues, like governance being not fully set up. That is up to the community. And they are still working on it. It will take awhile to get going. As with every blockchain in the beginning. Eos is outperforming everything right now.

Hi, do your team plan to swap to mainnet or still use Ethereum Blockchain?

still Ethereum Blockchain now

Golems mainnet is something seperate. It uses Ethereum blockchain for transactions.

Hello, i am super interested in blockchain and shared economy. i am experienced with ethereum and a little bit with blender. i am running linux and willing to host a render node. is there a demand for additional render nodes currently ?? i am not that much behind the money than behind the idea and the technology.

Is golem going to its own blockchain in the future? Or will it always be on the eth blockchain?

ETH blockchain is future. ETH2.0 will be BEST

was just about to make a YassQueen ERC20 token on testnet but then realized my great grand children probably look back at that on the blockchain 120 years from now and cringe... better not

Blockchain Fist Bump (BUMP) Token Tracker
Ok! Would you know how many tps the golem application will be using in a beginning phase? Or will that of outside of the Ethereum platform.

The transactions utilize the ethereum blockchain if thats what you mean? I don't know an exact amount of transactions per second. You can check for the network stats if thats what you mean for utilization

Tia Tran
Hi, does Golem plan to own mainnet or token swap?

To make its own blockchain? No. It is sitting at ethereum where it is fine 👍