Kaleem Khan
Dayum, people get soo personal here, mentioning old stuff which should be forgotten in the moment, im not trying to diss anyone here, ive been here and installed mainnet and learned golem and all that shit because of GOLEM, youre just...

We are very glad that users are testing and enjoying the software we work hard to build. At the same time, we are trying to keep groups respectful. I believe I am not asking for much. Saying a person is racist for that is simply non-sensical.

Henrike Boeije
Thank you very much that was informative of you. I just hope that this project would not fail me like the others. I'm tired of losing here.

I believe that due to the highly speculative nature of the market, the project's success should be defined in adoption, quality of development and milestones completed, not in coin price :) you are welcome


Mate. On any business I’m in, including investment, I’m always worried, but if I made the decision to put money on this, is because i believe it. Well I’m arround for way longer than few months as investor, I already lost, recovered, earned, and invested fully again right before this drop.

So Jasper, having made such a bold statement about Golem, could you please share any stats backing up your claim? Or, how many people use brass, how many gnt are actually spent on the first use case, I'm afraid it's in line with Augur or worse (Less than 50 users a day)
So, why Golem is the most promising alt? First of all, i say BTC is a relatively safe investment due to the fact we are dangling on in a bear market and volume is quite low. If BTC goes, rest follows. BTC up 1%? Alts go 3%. Down 1%? Alts go down 5%. With GNT, youre not gonna make millions in a few days but you have to be in it for the tech, and believe in adoption of dApps in general. Less than 50 users a day? I count more than 240 active nodes as of writing this (I am connected to all 241 of them). However, requestors are a bit less in numbers. The team is aware of this and you can follow that on the golemproject reddit ( There you can find a user feedback I wrote. I am defenitely bullish on the whole project, the token, and the future of Golem and cloud computing in general, however I won't spout a bunch of uneducated BS like you may expect, in fact I'm quite critical. In its current state, Golem will never reach mass adoption and the team is well aware of that. It has to do with the fact that the initial projected user of golem is not a Blender artist (which is actually a true user right now), but any form of user that requires computational power (which is like, anyone nowadays). Moreover, the people who currently run Golem (people who are interested in the tech, not your average grandma or anyone) most likely run some kind of software like HyperV or Docker. Problem is that Docker Toolbox is not supported generally anymore and is a legacy tool. It is hard to build web 3.0 on that. Toolbox and hyperV cant run simultaneously, which in itself might block some of those techy (if thats a word) people from using it. On the other hand, the use of docker toolbox includes Windows, Linux and MacOS at the same time so its a logical choice. Without HyperV, you exclude a lot of people. For a non software engineer like me, it was no problem at all, got it running in a few minutes. How much GNT is spent on the first use case? Hell, idk. In theory you should be able to see all of the transactions. I could not care less to be terribly honest. Why GNT is a good 'investment' (terrible way of saying it) is that it is promising long term. Its not gonna make you rich in a year or even a few. Adoption could take years, but what I and many know is that there are many hardworking and passionate people working their arses off at making a decentralized app that we can all use to our benefit. So if you want to go and go all in on VeChain or something, please do. It is the community that makes this coin so great. Not necessarily this group, hell, it is pretty quiet in here, I suggest heading over to Reddit (/r/golemtrader, /r/golemproject) and For stats, head over to Please count the amount of projects in the top 100 that have proper, working products and have a proper team and aren't total shit like TRX or DOGE. No need in spreading a lot of shite without knowing yourself what anything is about 😁

I don't believe the community is thriving as much as it could be with a properly configured Discord

you can see my tweets with screenshots below

I dont believe in TA a single bit though you might be right

Do you really believe that Telegram followers says something about quality or adoption?

Btw, I totally believe they have enough funds!

0x7da82c7ab4771ff031b66538d2fb9b0b047f6cf9 is their address I believe.

Yes I do believe so

Defenitely. However it is much more used. I believe its one of the most if not the most used mobile wallet

Avdyli 🤷‍♂️
If we go live 3$-4$

omg😂😂😂, just say a 1 maybe we can believe you

I only believe Gnt and 0x