seven billion people ruled by couple thousand maniac and banksters

I am looking at it as a hodl strategy. Whatver coin I am vested in or vesting in, I do it to hold. I use dca tactic to increase my position on the coins one by one. And I try to get in on the ico's which are looking promising to me, example bankera, blackmoon, bqx, cobinhood.

wow, Bankrupt Bali is still talking?

Sonm will kill golem

You will kill your bank account thinking that lol

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Because 2018 is the year of bank coins

Think about ripple token XRP. what is the xrp utility. No one. In fact xrp don't have real value. It has value because people think banks are going to use XRP. But banks are not buying xrp. Banks pay ripple for use ripple network. But people don't understand that xrp is not necessary to use ripple network. Xrp is only going to have value if shops accept xrp payment method . But I don't think that ripple company is going to fight to become xrp in an alternative to dollar. However bitcoin yes, bitcoin started with that goal and stays in it. That is the reason of bitcoin value.

Basically it's one of the first crypto banks , where you can store ur GNT , ... etc and for example lend them. they offer alot of features as well prefer them over Meta and MEW

How much GNT is everyone holding?

Better not ask something like that. It is very personal and could make you a target. I am not asking how much money is in your bank account either

Anything that removes a central point of authority, trust (as we’ve proven we cant trust institutions) and a single provider should be better- E.g DEXs and storing your own money in a cold wallet are better than trusting a bank