Anything (substantially) new happening here?

The last one would be that our crowdsale happened when ETH was 12 usd and was capped at 8.6 mil. Meaning that if we considered that enough, then now even with ETH at the current price, we’re still good!

Ok, I appreciate that of course. And, I am just trying to share my user experience for you guys to improve. but what can you tell me about my internet security when I apply port forwarding?

Luca Longe
Hey, so can you also let people use your computing power while your computer/lapotop is on sleeping mode and do you need to download something for it to operate?

Hi! You need to download the client for your perticular OS on . I assume the software won't run in the background during sleep mode. Sleep mode is something that disables all apps and applications are put in memory, allowing for a quick startup. That means that it won't be computing.

Ok! Would you know how many tps the golem application will be using in a beginning phase? Or will that of outside of the Ethereum platform.

Sir. Florian
Hi can I store my Golem tokens a Brd wallet and they be safe?

If it is supported by the app then yes. You can never guarantee 100% that your funds are safe in a third party wallet. For a mobile wallet, Coinomi is a good option.

We’d appreciate informed predictions over this. If you dont know we’ve been live, we wont advice anyone to take your words seriously

And we are happy to have you 👍

You can try it out yourself

Can nontechnical people use the mainnet for building dApps on Golem in some way? If yes, how? Could you point towards some resources to do so?

When it will be 1$ again? Hodling since year... Very disappointed with golem

Sanjay Solanki
When it will be 1$ again? Hodling since year... Very disappointed with golem

Oh disappointed too. We only launched mainnet as pioneers and maybe 8 software iterations, a new product and are building an extremely ambitious project

Wishing for it happen though