Where do you see the move from?

Either way if it doesn't start moving it will break that 1700 sats support just like BTC broke 6k at some point

But you made it sound like all alts are having this ranging price action which just isnt true.

Same goes for TA. If people don't trade according to then they make no sense. TA is all about finding patterns, and you can find patterns in everything. That doesn't mean that a moving average fibonacci triplestep reverse moon retracement will do anything.

But you made it sound like all alts are having this ranging price action which just isnt true.

Well I didnt say that, I just said that that GNT was a big gainer that oposses the statement made earlier that there is no price movement.

And ultimately it retraced like half that move instead of continuing the move upwards. And ofc TA isnt 100 percent right but it does give you a plan when to exit if it doesn't "" triple reverse moon ""

Everyone their own strategy!

It’s lit! Has golem team been doing well. Very excited about this. Looking to buy more

This doesn’t even make sense.

Hi, I'm a research analyst for a cryptocurrency market making firm and we're interested in partnering with Golem, is there anyone here I can speak with please?

Thanks for getting back to me, unfortunately I've already reached out via that same address multiple times with no response.

Alright thanks anyway!

Im not sure tbh of you check binance there is a clear and substantial increase in volume for the past month. Meanwhile you alts popping left right and center.

I will be pleasantly surprised if GNT doesnt pump a bit

Is GNT now dead?????????????

good time to buy!!

And we are happy to have you 👍

good time to buy!!

I would say better time to buy, but nit sure if best time to buy. But we know when was the best time to sell 😏

Its always a good time to buy

Except in december

Except in december

it's a good time to buy christmas presents in december :)

Sanjay Solanki
Any new updates? Any news? Hodling for long time

i'm only a community contributer! you should check out http://chat.golem.network if you're interested in updates about development

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You can try it out yourself

Can nontechnical people use the mainnet for building dApps on Golem in some way? If yes, how? Could you point towards some resources to do so?

In the future hopefully, they will obviously try to make it as easy as possible

That depends on the type of task too of course

Is golem moving to waves ?