Hmm no, I'm checking also on slack

redsnow why do you think polo will add gnt

But 1 month ago:

lol at Golem ICO. Dev raised 8.2million USD and don't want his coin getting listed on exchanges because price could drop below ICO price 😂

Probably, it will be added sooner or later @jzarg0


Check also those screenshots

So guys, tell me who should be the user of this service, and why?

Where is the market and why, this kind of service, should be preferred at the cloud computing services present available?

Long hold or Polo speculation? case long, what mkt. cap. are you looking for?

F. If you do not know, why are you here. Computing sound any bells?

what do you guys think bout this? Could it be that GNT is just unnecessary step between provider and requestor, who could just use USD/eth instead?

when launch Gnt in polo ?

How i can earn some gnt? I search some faucet

meh. this channel.

no serious discussions apparently

gnt holders start making publicity, tell everyone on cryptobusiness

is that a statement or an order

spam or not, this project haves legs

I for one, dont really care about publicity ATM

holding till May you know

guide to request GNT to poloniex

i do ot once a day

im not sure it's doing something

they obviously know such coin exists

everything else is up to them

of course they do but when they see people really want GNT they see a market where they can get (even more) fees

I think one time is quite enough

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Quick question, why the need for Golem? What can you do with it that you can't do with Ethereum?

Are any eth-based tokens currently listed on Polo?